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Path Of Exile: Seven Characters Dominate All

Path of Exile is a really dense action hero game that offers unprecedented depth in character development. And playing it can be completely free.

With the release of Diablo's third installment, RPGs have again hit a strong wave of interest. And since not everyone was happy with the Blizzard degree, there are also great alternatives to success. Like Path of Exile.

At heart, it's a pure action hero game, as this genre has been established by Diablo many years ago. You will run around the fantasy world of Wraeclast, which is plagued by many monsters. By shattering them up to the ninth level, you will improve your character while collecting all possible items, some of which will be really good and you will be pleased with them.

Seven characters dominate all

Basically nothing new under the sun. However, the Path of Exile comes with a lot of new features that are very limited to Diablo 3 and Torchlight 2. The first is to be surprised by the choice of seven characters. At first, only six, because you will only get to Scion after the first game. You will of course find standard characters inclined to strength, intelligence, dexterity, but also their possible hybrids. So everyone chooses.

The second surprise awaits you as you move to the second level shortly after starting the game. You will be prompted to invest one gained bodice into passive qualities.

But where you would expect a clear table with several choices, you will literally have a screen with hundreds of points, each representing a possible investment and enhancement of passive skills. Whether basic, such as power, intelligence or dexterity, as well as those specialized in fighting swords, axes, etc., or, more generally, fighting two-hand or one-handed weapons.

The joke is that this "tree" of skill is the same for all characters, but each one starts at another point. Abilities are linked together and investing points can only be made to those that are within reach.

That's why at the beginning of the game, it's worthwhile thinking about how you will develop your character. Certainly, you can not recommend excessive striding of styles, which in the end means that you will not be in the same level as the one you play in more advanced stages (when playing at higher difficulty).

Passive skills are gained not only by every step to the next level, but often also by fulfilling the main and secondary tasks. For them you will sometimes get reversal points that will allow you to take back some of the previous choices that you do not like in the current market. However, it is not possible to rely on the big, reversal points against these investment minima.

Hard decisions

From time to time, a large box that marks the so-called "keystone," defining passive ability, blinks on the ability tree. It can largely influence the character's fighting abilities. It is, however, characterized by the fact that its advantage is always balanced by a certain loss.

One of these stones will guarantee you that you can not be stunned by enemies, but at the same time it is the property of evasive maneuvers. Another is that you will automatically restore your health quickly, but you will no longer be able to draw it from the flacons as a standard.

What you can buy

Path of Exile, with its concept of free2play, differs from most similar games, making it very playable whether you pay or not. In addition to a larger tool box and some useful gilding features, you can not get anything in the game shop that would favor you other players.

With real money purchases, however, you can definitely see more. You can buy one of the many pets to accompany you, specific character animations, colorful weapons effects, or a truly effective application of active abilities.

This approach can be praised. Not because it allows you to play for free - in the end developers are not charity but want to make money - but because it does not disturb the game economy from outside and maintains equal relationships between players.

The offer of visual enhancements is so broad and interesting that it is not at all complicated to support it by the authors. Finally, you play a full title. Moreover, if you have a really strong hero, you will certainly want to distinguish it visually from others.

Each passive property can only be invested once. Therefore, they can not be constantly improved. This is solved by finding the same or similar properties in a large tree many times, and the most common and most needed, such as power, are drawn all the way through the tree.

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Another surprise

Surely, after talking about passive abilities, you are interested in how those active, who are of no less importance, have come down. Even here the rock stone was not left behind in the standards. You would not be looking for a window with active capabilities in vain.

You can find them directly in the inventory! Yes, the active abilities are in the Path of Exile in the form of gems that are divided into two lines. They are green, red and blue gems (depending on which of the basic properties they are associated with) and then they are active and supportive gems.

Both weapons and armor have a different number of slots on these gemstones, so their quantity and color can be described as quite essential armament features. Gems are many and it is only for the players who put them in their equipment.

Once they do, each gem is gaining experience in the battle and rising in levels, regardless of the character itself, although there is some limitation in the sense that higher levels of gems have higher demands on strength, dexterity, or intelligence, more like weapons.

Once you put the gem in the armor, you can immediately begin to use its benefits. At this point, you already have classic active skills on the Quick Activation bar, which you can combine differently.

For items all in the old

As for the subjects, do not look for too much surprise here. Typically, this is the standard equipment for heroes. You will find standard (white), magical (blue), rare (gold), and unique (orange) items. It can be said that the authors do not really care about the objects or the rarities, and you will find a lot of gold and some orange in the first game.

This is about a certain inflation, but in the end it's not just about color, but overall, how you fit your chosen style, which is particularly important in Path of Exile. But he frowns that the authors did not decide to implement set pieces in the game. In these games, hunting is usually shuffling to the maximum.

Armament can be improved in various ways. There are available stones that enhance its quality, or magical runes that allow you to change a common object to magical or rare, add features, or change properties.

These "raw materials" needed to modify items usually get (as well as identification scrolls) the fact that you give the merchant some unnecessary object that you will naturally overwhelm. There is no virtual currency in Path of Exile. Everything is done only by exchange, which is hard to praise or criticize. It's just part of the gaming economy.

Plans for the future

Behind Path of Exile is the relatively small but very effective New Zealand team Grinding Gear Games. Due to the popularity of beta betting, which has registered about three million players, Path of Exile has made a promising future. Here, he intends to pepper with regular extras, for five to ten years. Although the finished version has only three acts, we can expect one new and a series of bonus sites every year. And, of course, armaments and monsters.

The most important thing about all this is that Path of Exile is really playing. It is obvious that the authors have tuned a lot to make them feel monster. True, after experiencing Diable 3, his physics model is somewhat lacking, making fighting even more juicy. But even so, the orgy in Path of Exile is satisfying.

The evolution of the figure and the gemstone system, moreover, appear to be real holders that hold the player's interest in the character for a long time. Just planning a trip through a passive ability tree is a joy, let alone combining the main and supportive gems when their capabilities are linked. Since the gems develop independently, you must take care of them and not let them down. As a result, there is still something going on, so you have a legitimate feeling that your set of skills is constantly improving.

Also only online

Path of Exile, just like Diablo 3, is only playable online, which does not please if you want to play on a computer that is not connected to the Internet.

On the other hand, this makes it almost impossible to cheat and makes it easy to play with other players. With them you can easily connect and you can go for adventure together. There are also players' fighting against players, but they are more than just something that you would like to devote to for a long time.

Graphically, Path of Exile must be praised. The environment and effects look very nice, perhaps only character animation would deserve to improve a bit. Some of the locations where you look through the three acts are pretty good, others are a little more sterile, but that's probably difficult to avoid. Importantly, except for cities, maps are randomly generated and most dungeons are really extensive.

It's all about Path of Exile to recommend to all heroes, especially those who Diablo 3 seemed to be too simplified. Path of Exile is much more reminded of his second part, when he does not lead a literally hand in his quest, and in the character's development he can also crack some of the mistakes, but you are glad to watch the character again.

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