Path of Exile - A Dark Action RPG For All Diablo II Fans

Path of Exile is a free production of the "action RPG" genre by many people considered the true successor of Diablo II. You'll play as a survivor on the island of Wraeclast, who tries to survive in this inhospitable land, becoming a more powerful warrior and discovering its secrets.

There are not as many free games as Path of Exile. In this dark production, by many fans considered to be the true successor of the iconic Diablo II, you will be embodied in one of several character classes and embark on an expedition deep into the Wraeclast island. On your way you will encounter hundreds of monsters, powerful bosses and friendly characters offering various types of tasks. Path of Exile has a unique character development model. Although each of the character classes specializes in a different style of combat, thanks to a flexible skill system you can create a hero as you like. Nothing stands in the way of turning Marauder's brute force into a capable magician or a fragile Witch, to develop into a powerful warrior fighting with a two-handed sword.

The itemization system is a very strong point of the Path of Exile, which is probably more extensive than in Diablo II. In the game you will find dozens of types of equipment - from ordinary weapons and armor, to magical and unique items that will change the style of playing your character or open the possibility of creating a completely different archetype of character. Objects in the Path of Exile are also an integral part of the skill system, because they contain spells that you can modify at your own discretion. For example, you can turn an ordinary Firabal into a ball of fire that reflects from the enemies, add lightning effects to it, or increase the number of shots from one to three.

Path of Exile has dark, realistic graphics and can boast of the best Free-to-Play system on the market. In this game you will not buy anything that will give you an advantage in the battlefield. Everything you can buy in the game shop boils down to decorative micro-games that do not have a direct impact on the game, but only change the appearance of our character and its skills.

There are also fans of PvP clashes in the Path of Exile. You can play in a special league for the most avid fans of battles with other players or take part in clashes in special, closed arenas. If you remember the times of Diablo II with fondness and you are looking for a game that, like that title, will attract you to your computer for long months, your quest has just ended - Path of Exile will meet all your expectations.

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